Oral surgery services may be needed after a dental trauma if a tooth is severely decayed, broken or cracked, or badly damaged from periodontal disease. Tooth impaction is a very common reason why patients consult with Dr. Wadley about Oral Surgery. Impacted teeth do not have sufficient space to develop or erupt properly. In this case, the affected tooth must be extracted to avoid pain, damage to surrounding teeth and bone, and infection. For oral surgery in Marietta, GA contact us today!

Tooth Extractions

Considering oral surgery in Kennesaw, GA? Oral surgery specialists perform both simple tooth removal and complex surgical extractions. Digital imaging and other diagnostic tools are used to examine the teeth and bone, to determine the extent of the procedure.

Dental sedation is used to numb the treatment area and to keep the patient comfortable. The tooth is then loosened and gently removed from the socket. Depending on the case, underlying bone may need to add or recontoured. The oral surgeon will stitch the area closed with either absorbable or removal sutures.
If oral or IV sedation was administered, the patient will need a ride home after the dental surgery. If the surgeon used gaseous sedation, patients can drive on their own.