Is your tooth severely decayed, damaged or infected? Sometimes root canal therapy is necessary to save your tooth. It is highly unlikely that a pulp infection will heal naturally or even with the help of antibiotics. If the oral health threat is left untreated, the affected tooth could develop an abscess and chances are, the infection will spread. Schedule your root canal treatment in Kennesaw, GA today.

Root Canal Therapy in Kennesaw

Considering root canal therapy in Kennesaw? The goal of root canal therapy at floss 365 is to end pain and to avoid tooth extraction. Your Kennesaw dentist removes the diseased pulp and saves the healthy tooth structure. A root canal specialty may recommend endodontic surgery to patients with severe inner tooth damage or decay.

If you suffer from intolerable pain when chewing, tooth sensitivity, gum tenderness or swelling, intolerance to heat or cold, or tooth discoloration you should schedule a dental appointment for root canal treatment in Kennesaw, GA. Early detection and proper treatment is the key to saving your tooth and stopping the spread of infection.

Root Canal Treatment with Our Root Canal Doctor Near You

Root canal treatment is completed in two dentist visits. First, Dr. Wadley will use digital imaging to evaluate the extent of the deep infection. This will allow your root canal specialist in Kennesaw to create a customized treatment plan. Next, a local anesthetic is used to numb the surgical area. After the diseased pulp is removed, the root canal and entire pulp chamber is cleared out, disinfected and later reshaped, filled and sealed.

The final step is to place a dental crown to provide strength and to restore the tooth’s natural aesthetic and function.