Are You a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Are You a Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Apr 01, 2020

The industry for teeth whitening has expanded tremendously as more and more people are looking for methods of whitening their teeth to have a dazzling smile. If all your permanent teeth have erupted you obviously qualify for teeth whitening. Your dentist will be able to assess your oral health before recommending a whitening method best suited for you. Depending on the severity of the staining you may be suggested not the following treatments by the dentist:

  • Professional teeth whitening to remove external stains caused by foods and tobacco.
  • Recommend certain foods for white teeth which may include fruits and vegetables.
  • Advice using a whitening toothpaste to help remove surface stains.
  • In office or at home bleaching for stubborn stains or yellowing.
  • Bonding or veneers to fix regular or damaged teeth or to achieve particular results.
  • A teeth whitening kit in some cases.

The Best Method to Remove Tooth Stains

Researching the Internet will provide you access to a host of information all of which claim they are the best to remove tooth stains. Many may suggest natural ways to whiten teeth and some may even recommend you can whitening teeth with apple cider vinegar. However none will give you information of the care you need to take when using natural remedies or even apple cider vinegar which can be acidic and harmful on your teeth. The remedies will certainly encourage you to avoid visiting your dentist for the whitening in favor of using natural home remedies.

This is not an attempt to discourage you from trying natural remedies but is just a warning to make you understand not all teeth whitening methods are effective and most can only offer you temporary relief. Perhaps the best natural remedy is to brush and floss your teeth twice a day for two minutes each using the technique recommended by your dentist and visiting the dentist twice a year for exams and cleanings. This by itself can be considered a natural remedy to whiten teeth that can be used safely.

Why Do Teeth Stain?

Staining on the teeth can occur for many reasons including your choices of food and beverages, oral hygiene and use of any medications. The stains can occur on the surface of the tooth, below the tooth enamel, and both in many cases. Dental professionals have identified three categories of discoloration of the teeth.

Extrinsic Tooth Stains — this type of staining is on the surface of the tooth and occurs when stain particles like pigmented residue from foods and beverages develop in a film of protein over the enamel. They can also be caused by smoking, having staining drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, and cola. Extrinsic tooth stains respond well to regular dental cleaning and brushing with whitening toothpaste.

Intrinsic Tooth Stains — when staining occurs below the surface of the tooth it is known as intrinsic tooth stain. In this case the staining particles work through the exterior of the tooth to accumulate within the tooth enamel. Intrinsic stains are complex to remove but professional teeth cleaning will be able to elicit a response.

Age-Related Stains — intrinsic and extrinsic stains can develop as we age and cause tooth discoloration. The core tissue of the teeth dentin begins to yellow over time and the enamel becomes thinner permitting the dentin to show through. These intrinsic reasons of discoloration combined with the extrinsic reasons like the effects of certain foods, beverages, and tobacco causing discoloration in the teeth of most adults as they age.

Are Your Teeth White?

The color of the tooth is subjective and it can be difficult to determine the effectiveness of teeth whitening products for removing stains or reducing them. The best method for evaluating the effectiveness of whitening products requires taking high-resolution digital images of the teeth to assign numerical values for describing the whitening effects of the products. Dental professionals have differed widely in a study conducted in 2004 by the Journal of Dentistry and rated the whiteness of the same tooth differently on separate occasions. Therefore you must understand that using whitening products along will not benefit you unless you are prepared to care for your teeth properly by practicing effective dental hygiene habits and reducing foods with staining dyes and the beverages spoken about earlier.

Removing Teeth Stains

Many treatment options are available to remove teeth stains and the plethora of products being introduced every day are increasing significantly. You can keep your teeth healthy and looking great by maintaining oral hygiene routine consistently with brushing twice a day and flossing at least once. Twice yearly visits to your dentist for exams and cleanings will also make it possible for the dentist to determine whether you need teeth cleaning near Marietta to keep them looking whitener and brighter. He or she may also recommend some teeth whitening option to treat age-related discoloration and stains.