Chocolate and your Oral health- Are they really bad for your teeth?

Chocolate and your Oral health- Are they really bad for your teeth?

Oct 01, 2019

Is chocolate bad for the teeth? This is a regular question that people ask dentists every single time that they visit dental office because there seems to exist a confusion on whether chocolate is unhealthy or healthy. Whether it is a dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate or any other form of chocolate.

Chocolate might not be as bad for the teeth as people may have thought, one can eat their favourite treat without feeling guilty. Studies have shown that there are benefits to eating chocolate, however, not all chocolate is same. Dark chocolate is rich in Fibre, magnesium, Iron, Copper, Manganese and a few. Let us throw some light on the ingredients of the individual types of chocolate and examine their effects on teeth.

White chocolate

White chocolate is made by mixing cocoa butter with milk solids, sugar and adding flavours such as vanilla. It is white in colour and one of the most common forms of chocolate consumed in America. Since this type contains more milk solids than cocoa butter, it is rich in proteins and has a relatively high sugar level. Chocolate is good for the general body health, but high sugar levels are can be a matter of concern for dental cavities and other dental problems.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is the other regular type of chocolate which is by far better than white chocolate from a dental care perspective. It is made by mixing powdered milk, cocoa and sugar. The only difference however is the composition of the ingredients. In dark chocolate, cocoa makes up about 70% of the chocolate while the milk and the sugar take up the remaining 30%. This is why the chocolate is dark in colour. Dark chocolate is good for teeth and dental health. This is because it contains polyphenols which can help fight overgrowth of bacteria and other disease-causing organisms in the mouth. There is another material in dark chocolate called flavonoids which slow down the tooth decay process as they reduce the bacteria activity in the mouth.

Milk chocolate

Milk chocolate contains very high sugar content about 70% and the cocoa content is about 30%. This makes this particular type of chocolate very unhealthy. Although it is very rich in proteins due to the presence of milk, the high sugar levels can disrupt the oral care. When someone consumes this type of chocolate the leftovers remain on the surface of the tooth and because of the high sugar level, they react with the saliva and start going down into the surface of the enamel wearing it down. Over a period of time, large cavities develop and if left untreated, even more serious complications can arise.

So chocolate is not that bad after all? Dentists encourage periodical consumption of chocolate as it has a coating effect that works like a barrier to prevent the development of plaque and tartar on the teeth. But it should be consumed with care because there is the aspect of sugar level as well.

How to eat chocolate responsibly

Though it has advantages over other candies, chocolate is still full of sugar, so one should indulge in it carefully. If one has strong cravings for chocolate, they should choose dark chocolate that’s low in sugar. One should wash it down with plain milk or water, and always brush their teeth after eating. It is advised to stay away from chocolate that has caramel, nougat or cookie bits. These can get stuck in the teeth, risking decay. One should avoid chocolate-flavoured cereals and cakes, too as their high starch content means a feast for cavity-causing bacteria.

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