Habits That Get You Whiter Teeth

Habits That Get You Whiter Teeth

May 25, 2018

Who out there doesn’t want the brightest and whitest teeth in the room? A radiant smile can really give you the confidence you’ve been seeking when you interact with other from far away, and especially up close. Shiny teeth can be seen as a sign of success, youth, and attractiveness, so thankfully for you, there are great ways to make sure you get those pearly whites sooner than later.

The Tips

Here they finally are: just a few tips that will ensure you get your teeth or help them stay white. Follow these tips to be as confident as you possibly can with your teeth.

  • Brush twice daily – Brushing is an excellent way to keep stains that we can incur on a daily basis from food and drinks at bay. When you do eat or drink, bacteria can convert carbs into acids that have the potential to eat away at your teeth enamel. Brushing twice a day can ensure the food particles on your teeth are gone before they turn into tartar or plaque.
  • Avoid foods with coloring agents – Stay away from foods and beverages like tea, coffee, soda, and tomato sauce.
  • Get your teeth whitened – There are plenty of options on the market today that can fit your individual comfort needs. Talk to your dentist about which one is best for you.
  • Get professional cleanings twice a year – At a dental cleaning, your dental hygienist will make sure to remove any plaque buildup that, if untreated, can stain and discolor your teeth.
  • Get cosmetic dentistry when necessary – Even if you take all of the precautions to heart, you can still be left with discolored teeth due to injury or genetics. In this case, cosmetic dentistry may need to be the route you follow.

If you feel like the perfect candidate for possible teeth whitening treatment, we at Floss 365 Dental in Kennesaw are eager to meet you. We love seeing the radiance on our patient’s faces when they see the results whitening treatment can have on their teeth, so give us a call today to begin on the path to a better you, today!