How Children Can Benefit from A Kids Dentistry?

How Children Can Benefit from A Kids Dentistry?

Nov 01, 2019

Parents of newborns are often puzzled with several questions about their baby. So engrossed are they with the care they need to provide to their newborn they often forget about the teeth the baby will develop by the time he or she is six months old. Most are unaware when they should be taking the baby for his or her first visit to children’s dentistry.

Thankfully, help is available for parents to tackle the last subject. The American Academy Of Pediatric Dentistry, as well as the American Dental Association, have recommended that the child’s first visit to a kid’s dentist should occur no later than their first birthday. It should not surprise parents that such recommendations have been made by these authoritative bodies but they should make an attempt to understand the reasons why the suggestions have been provided.

Problems With Cavities Also Affect Children

Research conducted has revealed that more than one out of four children develop cavities before the age of four. Some children may even develop cavities by the age of two. It is the reason why children must be visiting a kids’ dentist regularly for maintaining their overall health. The visits will set the stage for a lifetime of good oral health habits. Children are prone to losing their baby teeth by the age of six but it does not mean they do not require the same standard of care as adults for keeping their teeth healthy and strong.

Why Consider Visiting A Pediatric Dentist?

You can take your child to any dentist you prefer but it will be worth trying to understand whether the dentist has the experience needed to treat children. Pediatric dentistry in Kennesaw GA specializes in providing dental care for children from infants to teenagers. Pediatric dentists are better placed to focus on the specific needs related to children’s oral health like handling the developmental and emotional states that can impact a child’s dental appointments.

A visit to the dentist’s office can be scary at any age and young children who are not certain what to expect will be sensitive to this issue. Making children feel comfortable during their dental visits is a job pediatric dentists have received training on. The dentist offering children’s dentistry will have a kid-friendly environment making the child feel at ease to have a more positive experience. The importance of proper oral health will be recognized by the child to make a good impression in the beginning. It will also encourage them to practice proper dental habits for the rest of their lives.

Pediatric Dentists Receive Specialized Training For Dealing with Children

Unlike family dentists, pediatric dentists receive additional formal training for about 2 to 3 years after completing their education in dental school. The additional training will be focusing on child psychology, growth, development in infants, children, teenagers as well as children with special requirements.

As these professionals specialize in caring for children they are better equipped to manage the problems that can occur frequently in children’s mouths. They will be prepared to manage issues like cavities, tooth decay, delayed loss of baby teeth, and even wisdom teeth. Administering sedation to patients that need to undergo invasive and intensive dental treatments is also an area where these professionals receive training in.

A Pediatric Dentist Can Keep Your Child Calm

Pediatric dentists are regularly working with children and therefore they are familiar with the concerns of kids on a dental visit. They tailor their approach considering the specific areas of concern of every patient. Their experience in calming children is beneficial for their patients who feel comforted in the dentist’s chair.

Kids Dentistry Can Be Fun

Pediatric dentists have utilized the unique opportunity provided to them to construct their offices and made them suitable for young patients. The offices are more fun than a conventional dental office. Some have even invested in a variety of fun themes in waiting areas to make the child feel comfortable. The goal of the professional is to make kids dentistry fun for the child even as they provide them with the dental care needed.

Children may develop oral issues of different types but pediatric dentists are always prepared and willing to help. They are proud to serve children with the knowledge that they are contributing to the overall health of the child.