Pediatric Dentistry: What Makes It Unique?

Pediatric Dentistry: What Makes It Unique?

Feb 01, 2020

Nothing’s more essential to you than your children. We all want them to look and feel their best from the time they are born. Part of this challenging yet interesting endeavor is taking care of your child’s oral health. We all know those baby teeth won’t last forever. However, you can still place long-term damage to your child’s mouth if you don’t prioritize the oral health of your child. Fortunately, a pediatric dentist in Kennesaw, GA, has a special place for your child’s oral care.

Pediatric dentist in Kennesaw, GA, comprises of professional children physicians trained and certified in providing dental care and hygiene for your child’s needs. Here’s a guide on our pediatric dentists.

Pediatric dentists are not like any other child’s physician or dentist. It’s because they specialize in taking care of kids’ dental health. That is what qualifies them to be identified as certified specialists in pediatric dentistry. The specialization is important because an adult behaves differently at a dentist compared to a child. Moreover, adults don’t require much reassurance about dental care as children do.

Children hate the dentist more than they hate their homework, and most parents know about that. However, only 25 percent of parents prioritize their kids’ dental health. 

What does a pediatric dentist do?

Apart from the responsibilities outlined in a pediatric dentist’s work role, one of their greatest objectives is to make a visit to the dentist memorable than ever for the kids. The dentist will treat the same child from baby teeth, through braces, and throughout adolescence.

The first thing that a pediatric dentist will do on your child’s first visit is to take an x-ray of your child’s mouth. After that, the dentist will perform an oral exam to identify any potential issues that could become a long-term issue.

Another task is to explain to parents of the infants how to help their children break bad habits like pacifier dependency and thumb-sucking. Basic roles include fluoride treatments and teeth cleanings. Nevertheless, a pediatric dentist also makes suggestions about nutrition and diet and highlighting foods that have a likelihood of stripping the enamel off.

In addition to these roles, they do regular dental work too such as diagnosing potential problems like;

  • Uneven teeth and overbites
  • Fixing cavities
  • Removing wisdom teeth
  • Managing gum disease
  • Care for dental injuries like knocked-out teeth, fractured and displaced teeth

Just like a child’s physician role is to check health-related conditions, the pediatric dentist also helps diagnose medical conditions related to kids’ dental health such as asthma, hyperactivity, and diabetes.

Training needed for a pediatric dentist

A pediatric dentist gets the same training as any other dentist. Therefore, that means he or she must complete four years of dental school and, of course, earn satisfactory grades along the way. After that, the dentist will then have to undertake two years of additional training that will allow the dentist to work with children.

The two years will be in the form of residency training in a dental office that exclusively handles the child’s dental health. Apart from the required training, the dentist has to learn the best ways to interact with children and even more important for dealing with children with special needs.

Why book an appointment with a pediatric dentist?

Ideally, your child’s experience at the dentist is something he or she will remember for the rest of their life. Therefore, try and make it unique and something they will smile about for the rest of their life. The two key things that make it worth to visit a pediatric dentist are:

  • The dentist has received special training in the child’s behavior and psychology; therefore, he or she knows how to handle the oral health of your child.
  • You’ll get an education as the parent on how to improve your child’s oral health

Final Thoughts

Teach them good moral lessons when they are young, and they’ll indeed grow to be morally upright adults. That applies to their oral health. Take good care of their oral health when they are young, and they’ll have no dental problems when they grow up. Incorporate a pediatric dentist in this journey, such as the ones at Floss 365 Dental, and for sure, you’ll not regret a moment.