Kennesaw Root Canals: What You Need to Know

Kennesaw Root Canals: What You Need to Know

Nov 28, 2018

Did you know that root canals aren’t quite as scary as people try to make you think? More than 41,000 root canals are performed each day and advancements in dentistry have made them quicker, safer, more effective and even more comfortable than ever. At Floss 365 Dental we are proud to offer root canal treatment in Kennesaw, GA for our patients that are suffering from a decayed, damaged or even infected root canal. Not sure if you may need a root canal? Common symptoms of patients that require a root canal include:

  • A severe toothache.
  • Tooth sensitivity when chewing or applying pressure to the tooth.
  • Temperature sensitivity when consuming hot or cold foods/beverages.
  • Discoloration or darkening of the tooth.
  • Swelling, tenderness, bleeding or infection of the gums nearby the affected tooth.
  • A pimple (abscess) that keeps occurring on the gums nearby the affected tooth.

Why Are Root Canals Necessary?

When the root canal of a tooth becomes damaged, decayed or even infected it can lead to additional complications, including death of the tooth, increased risk of gum disease, oral infections and even a potentially life-threatening infection of the blood known as sepsis.

How Can Root Canals Save Your Tooth?

The goal of root canal treatment is to remove any of the decay, infection, bacteria, and plaque found in the root canal of the tooth along with restoring the strength and functionality of the tooth. Following treatment, the affected tooth is sealed and a dental crown is recommended.

How Long Do Root Canals Take?

Root canal treatment is actually quite quick, requiring only about an hour to an hour and a half in most cases. A follow-up appointment may be required however to place the dental crown following root canal treatment, this should only take one appointment.

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